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Where can you find us?

We provide training at 7 locations. For performance tennis at David Lloyd in Veldhoven, Health & Sports Club Valkencourt in Valkenswaard, at Bastion Baselaar in Rosmalen and at VTC De Paal in Bergeijk. We provide club training at ELTV and ETV Volley in Eindhoven, at Bastion Baselaar in Rosmalen and at TOS Bergeijk.

I would like to come and work at AMJOY. Is that possible?

We are always looking for good and motivated trainers. Are you interested? Send a message to and we will contact you.

High Performance (HP)

Who can participate in the HP program?

The HP program is for pro players who finished high school. Players who combine a full-time training program with playing international tournaments for the world ranking.

What kind of training is HP?

HP training is tennis and physical training. Often in small groups with a lot of attention for the individual player.

What are the training weeks?

The HP program season runs from September 1 through August 31. Training is given every week of the year with the exception of public holidays and weekends.


How do I qualify for the LOOT program?

To get a LOOT status you must belong to the top 15 players in the Netherlands of your age. If you are not yet among the best 15 players, you can possibly get a top sports-friendly status.

What is a top sport-friendly status?

If you have the ambition to achieve a LOOT status, but you are not yet one of the best 15 players of your age, you could possibly qualify for a Top sports-friendly status. That depends on your level. With a top sports-friendly status you do not have all the facilities associated with a LOOT status, but you can combine many training sessions with school.

Can I get LOOT facilities at any high school?

No, not every school can adjust its school schedule to the training sessions and competitions. We work together with het Sint Joriscollege in Eindhoven. This school has a separate department for top athletes, which makes it very easy to combine top sport and study. We have monthly contact with the school to discuss the progress of the players.

I am interested in the LOOT program. And now?

Send a message to and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.


My child would like to participate in the KNLTB instroom training. How does that work?

To participate in the KNLTB instroom training, you can register for the talent scouting day. Usually this day is held in June. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to and we will contact you.

When can I participate in the selection training?

In addition to the club training, you can also follow selection training. Selection training sessions are for players who want to play tennis more than once a week and also like to play matches and tournaments. Would you like to train more than once? Send an e-mail to and we will contact you.

Is selection training only for the youth?

No, we also have selection training for adults. Motivated players who would like to train in addition to their studies or work.

Is the selection training outdoor or also indoor?

Selection training sessions are given indoors in a tennis hall during the winter period. In the spring we go outside.

I want not only tennis training, but also physical training. Is that possible?

Yes, a number of selection training sessions include tennis training including an hour of physical training. Ask us which days physical training is given.


How can I register for the club training?

Go to and create an account and choose the club where you want to train. Then choose to register for a training cycle and follow the steps. And if you have any questions, please send a message to We're happy to help.

Where can I find the training schedule?

You can find the training schedule on this website. Look at the top of the menu at Contact and then go to Downloads.

We would also like a school tennis clinic. Is that possible?

Yes, that's possible. Please send a message to and we will contact you.

I would like a trial lesson. Is that possible?

Yes, you can follow once a trial lesson. After the trial lesson you can discuss with the trainer whether you want to continue with the tennis lessons. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to and we will arrange a trial lesson for you.


Can you also travel if you do not train at AMJOY?

Yes, that's possible. We will discuss the points for attention with your coach in advance and we will contact you afterwards to discuss the experiences.

How much does it cost to play a tournament?

The costs are the registration fee for the tournament, your own travel and accommodation costs and the costs for the coach. The costs for the coach are divided among the number of players playing the tournament. Administration costs will be charged once per player per trip. That is 25 euros (domestic) and 50 euros (abroad).

Is there a calendar showing which tournaments are being played?

Yes, a calendar is made every quarter with international tournaments. You can find the calendar here on this website. Look under the heading 'International' and then go to 'Tournaments'.

Do I have to register for the tournaments myself or does AMJOY do that?

The player is responsible for registering and withdrawing from tournaments.

Does a trip always take place or is that determined later?

After the registration deadline, the chances for players to participate in the tournament will be reviewed. Based on this, the size of the group of players who will play the tournament is examined. Subsequently, an indication of the costs is passed on to the parents and a final agreement from the parents for the tournament follows. With sufficient registrations, the supervision of the tournament will continue.


I would like to help as a volunteer. Where can I register?

Great and super nice! We need a lot of extra help. You can send an email to and we will contact you.

What is the location of the AMJOY Cup?

The AMJOY Cup 2023 will be held at two locations. The AMJOY Cup U10, U12 and U14 is held at TOS Bergeijk. The AMJOY Cup U18 and the Future will be held at Genneper Parken in Eindhoven.

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