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Eindhoven, 22 June 2023 – The Amjoy Cup is already one third over. The Tennis Europe event in Bergeijk has flown by. The two ITF tournaments are played at the Genneper Parken complex. New clay courts have been installed there since this year and they have been tested and approved by participant Mees Röttgering and former professional Sjeng Schalken.

On Thursday 22 June it was a rainy day in the sports heart of Eindhoven. But that didn't spoil the fun. With a big grin on his face, talent Mees Röttgering stepped onto the court to hit a ball with Sjeng Schalken, former number 11 in the world. The former professional regularly advises the up-and-coming talent and his coach Jochem Mol. “I occasionally give the duo tips so that they both make progress and that is bearing fruit for the time being.”

After about five minutes, the two tennis players stopped. The weather got worse and worse. However, the jobs remained of high quality. “There are very few bad encounters on this track. He is also very hard, which is good for gravel,” said Röttgering, who will start at the ITF 15K in Eindhoven in early August. Schalken was also very enthusiastic about the gravel: “They have professional courts here. The KNLTB would like more associations to use gravel so that the quality of the youth is guaranteed. You just play differently on clay than on a surface for recreational players.”

Wimbledon debut
Before Röttgering starts the hunt for the Amjoy Cup 2023, he will first make his debut at a Grand Slam. “It is great to play at Wimbledon. The results at the end of the clay court season gave me a spot in the main draw.” At the beginning of June, the left-handed tennis player won another prestigious youth tournament in Charleroi, Belgium. “That was a great moment for me. I showed there what I wanted to improve in recent months.”

Röttgering does not travel to London for fun. “I absolutely want to enjoy myself, but of course I'm there to win. We will see where the ship strands, as long as I do my utmost.” The pupil of tennis school Amjoy hopes that this is not the first and last time that he will be on the hallowed grass of Wimbledon. “This participation means nothing yet, I want to participate in the seniors in three years.”

But the winner of the Amjoy Cup U12 2019 still has to make big steps up the world rankings before he can participate in the most important grand slam tournament of the year. “I have already played on an ITF Future and got my first point there. As a result, I am now 1800th (still adjusting) in the world ranking. It is nice to be on top, but I hope that I will still rise considerably.”

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