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International matches

Ten years ago we made our first international steps with players on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. And now every week a trainer is coaching a tournament abroad.

We play tournaments from Ten Pro to pro circuit. With the youngest we go to Ten Pro tournaments. Then to Tennis Europe as a stepping stone to ITF juniors. And then the international professional circuit.

AMJOY always wanted to play international tournaments. We would like to develop the youth as good as possible. If you have international ambition, you have to play against international players.

We also do international exchanges. In addition to playing international junior events U8 and U10, we have also organised several international exchanges with Ireland and Spain. Winning or losing is not the focus here. The international environment and establishing the first international contacts.

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Don't be afraid to lose, but work hard to win.

Learn from mistakes

Learn faster, make mistakes, but don't keep making the same mistake.

100% commitment

Maximum physical and mental effort in every match and training.


Clear goals, good material and sufficient food and drink.

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