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The AMJOY Cup is the event of the year for our team, our players and all our fans. It was already the 2022th edition in 5, which meant the first lustrum. The AMJOY Cup will also take place again in 2023. At two locations, Tennis Europe at TOS Bergeijk and the two ITF tournaments at Genneper Parken in Eindhoven.

The AMJOY Cup has since grown into a leading international tournament for top tennis players (youth and adults) who aspire a career in the professional tennis circuit.

This year we expect more than 40 nationalities, more than 400 participants, more than 1200 top-level competitions, more than 50 host families and more than 120 volunteers. Numbers we are very proud of!

More than just a tournament

As an annual event, the AMJOY Cup not only wants to offer top tennis, but also to establish cooperation and connection with local and provincial authorities, the business community, (wheelchair) sports clubs, schools, youth and the elderly. To use Brainport's slogan: Together we make the future!

Sponsors therefore not only contribute to an international top tennis tournament, but also to an event with social and societal added value that also strengthens the image of the Brainport region. Sponsoring the AMJOY Cup also offers visibility in tennis, the second largest organized sport in the Netherlands after football, with more than 600.000 active players. And in addition to access to a large number of interesting and surprising competitions at youth top level, sponsors receive an invitation to the B2B event, tennis clinics from former professional top players and a delicious buffet.

3 weeks top tennis

The AMJOY Cup is bigger than ever this year. Three weeks of top tennis at different locations.


U10, TE U12 and U14 24 June to 2 July 2023 – TOS Bergeijk

It starts with a Tennis Europe U12 and U14. This will be held at TOS Bergeijk. The best youth worldwide up to the age of 12 and 14 come together here in the battle for the AMJOY Cup. In the last days of this week, the best children of the Netherlands U10 will come into action for the Amjoy Cup U10.


ITF U18 & Wheelchair U18 22 to 30 July 2022 – Genneper Parken Eindhoven

The second week of the AMJOY Cup also hosts the Slamstox College Tennis Showcase. (Future) college tennis players meet here and American coaches come to scout the best players. This week's AMJOY Cup consists of ITF U18 and ITF U18 in wheelchair tennis. The best wheelchair tennis players from all over the world come to participate - including our own Xavier Donker.


Future M15K and W15K – Genneper Parken, Eindhoven

Something special is about to happen in the third week of the AMJOY Cup. We will then organize our first Future. A tournament for professional tennis players, where points for the world ranking can be earned.

Do you want help?

We are always looking for volunteers for the AMJOY Cup. Do you like to help with the international tournaments? Let us know.

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