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About club

At a young age we like to start teaching children the first skills for tennis. From the age of 2 there are already several possibilities to create the first conditions to learn tennis faster.

A few years ago we started to offer children who come to play in the crèche an hour. The group with the youngest kids has grown considerably at our associations: the AMJOY cubs!

We are convinced that most of a tennis player is makeable. The sooner we can start playing tennis, the better. That does not mean that only tennis should receive attention. Combining two sports certainly has its advantages in development. But young children should also be encouraged to play outside more during their free time. They unconsciously learn a lot when playing outside with other children. Mental and physical development is then automatic.


Club training for adults

AMJOY provides club training at ELTV, ETV Volley, TOS Bergeijk and Bastion Baselaar. Training is not only given to youth, but also to adults. Trainings for all levels, from beginners to advanced. The lessons consist of a winter and a summer period. To participate in club training you must be a member of the association.

Tennis kids @ school

More than 1000 children from primary schools in the region have been introduced to tennis in the past year. Also this spring, AMJOY organizes 'Tenniskids@School' in collaboration with the KNLTB and municipalities, where children from group 5 and 6 get acquainted with tennis during school hours.

The children had tennis lessons in the schoolyard twice, followed by a final tournament in the third week. Subsequently, all participants are invited to the Kids Day during the AMJOY Cup.

During the AMJOY Cup, children can then see the world's top youth in action. This is how recreational sport and top sport are connected.

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