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High Performance (HP)

Full-time program for pro players

AMJOY's High Performance program is a full-time program for professional players. From starting pros to top 100 players. The opportunity to train (tennis and physical) and play tournaments for a whole year. The training sessions are in small groups with a lot of attention for the individual. Players with a scholarship in America can also join and travel to tournaments during the period that they are free.


International program

Playing international tournaments is an important part of the High Performance program. The tournament program is determined per player and, where possible, traveled to tournaments in a group with a coach. Participation in ITF Futures and Challengers, but also in tournaments of the WTA and ATP Tour.

AMJOY Belgium

Belgian coach Tom Baten has been responsible for AMJOY Belgium since September 2022. This offers Belgian professionals and talents the opportunity to train full-time in Eindhoven. Conversely, for our Dutch talents there is also the possibility to join in Belgium. We combine training camps and players can travel together to tournaments. The home base in Belgium is TTV Turnhout.

Would you like to train at our academy?

Do you want to join our training? Let us know and fill in the contact form. We will contact you and discuss the possibilities.

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