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KNLTB talent training

As a talent (instroom) partner of the KNLTB, AMJOY provides the KNLTB instroom training for children aged 7 to 10 years. Together with tennis teachers and other tennis schools, the KNLTB wants to facilitate a better route to the top for players with potential. The instroom training is supplementary to the club training so that children can remain members of their own association. AMJOY maintains active contact with the KNLTB about the development of the players. We also bring parents closer together. The instroom training is given by us at two locations. At Bastion Baselaar and at VTC De Paal in Bergeijk. The instroom groups are put together during the talent scouting days.


Youth and Young Seniors

In addition to the KNLTB intake training for the youngest youth, there are also selection training sessions for other youth and Young Seniors. Tennis training, sometimes combined with physical training. Depending on the wishes, possibilities and ambitions, it is possible to grow towards the LOOT trajectory. If the LOOT trajectory is not chosen, players can continue to the advanced selection groups of AMJOY.

Tennis camps and activities

During the holidays we organize extra training days, coaching weeks and tennis camps. Multi-day exchanges with overnight stays are also on the calendar every year. As a result, children learn what it is like to be away from home, a beautiful and educational experience. All activities are supervised by AMJOY trainers.

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