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Rita Chi

Rita Chi



“I can't imagine my life without tennis” – Rita Chi

About Rita

Age 10 years
City Eindhoven
member since Since she was 7 years old


Best results Member of National Selection
Ranking juniors Highest ranking: 1

I'm Rita

Rita (10 years old) takes part in the instroom training and is part of the national selection.

I started at the age of 7 and I often played a lot of tennis because my brother Justin did that too. I'm in the instroom training and I can train 1x a week at the National Training Center because I'm in the National selection. I am glad that AMJOY has its own Tennis Europe tournament because that has allowed me to taste this level at my own tennis school in the Netherlands.

My goal is to become as good as possible. I don't know how good that is yet. But I do train every day and often with Annemieke. AMJOY helps me with it as much as possible and I have a lot of tennis friends here. I can't imagine life without tennis! During the holidays I will train in Taiwan because that's where I was born and Annemieke said that if I reach the level of the ITF in Taiwan we will go there together. And she did that with Minchae Kim in Korea. She now plays in America and when she was home during the holidays I was allowed to train against it, that was very cool.

Rita Chi

Selection - Instroom

"I can't imagine life without tennis."

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As a talent (instroom) partner of the KNLTB, we organize the KNLTB instroom training. More information about the instroom training can be found here.

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